List of organisations which swear allegiance to the Queen, or come under Crown interests.

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

"The Sovereign can do no wrong and no laws can be brought against her"  Lord Halsbury "The Laws of England"

The Army

allegiance to the Queen


allegiance to the Queen


allegiance to the Queen


allegiance to the Queen

Members of Parliament

All these above swear allegiance to the Queen. It is her interests they serve, we may vote for them and pay for them but they work for her.

It is said that MI6 actually runs many countries, and this is no exaggeration. How is this done ? Mainly through deep cover intelligence work authorised by the British Monarch."

From "Diplomacy by Deception." Dr John Coleman.

The Privy Council

Legally above parliament, members are appointed for life and sworn to secrecy.

George Burton Adams in "Constitutional History of England" observes that the British Cabinet are strangely impotent: "The House of Commons no longer controls the executive, the executive controls the House of Commons". He finds a distinction between the government of Great Britain confined to the internal government of the British Isles and the British Government which controls the empire. E.C. Knuth draws our attention to this in his book "The Empire of the City", quoting Andrew Carnegie:

 "My american readers may not be aware of the fact that, while in Britain an act of Parliament is necessary before works for a supply of water or a mile of railway can be constructed, six or seven men can plunge the nation into war, or, perhaps what is equally disastrous, commit it to entangling alliances without consulting parliament at all. This is the most pernicious, plapable effect flowing from the monarchial theory, for these men do this in "the King's name", who is in theory still areal monarch, although in reality only a convenient puppet, to be used by the cabinet at pleasure to suit their own ends."

The Bank of England

Not subject to Parliament, IT IS A SOVEREIGN WORLD POWER. It has  a department called "Bank of England Nominees" to hide the Queen's investments. "It is forbidden by parliament to even discuss the fact that the Queen keeps her private wealth a secret. Such secrecy is vital to allow her to use her privilege for insider trading." David Icke "The Biggest Secret".

Laws of England Vol 6 : "By the law of the English Constitution (non existent) the crown acts as the delegate of representative of the nation in the conduct of foreign affairs, and what is done in such matters by the royal authority is the act of the whole nation, and binding on the latter without further sanction."

Ambassadors from foreign countries are appointed to the court of St James, and all foreign relations are conducted through the Crown. Both Hambros and Rothschilds have links to MI6 as Sir Charles Hambro worked for SOE and so did Victor Rothschild. SOE stands for Special Operations Executive and is the branch of MI6 answerable only to the monarch.

The Liveries of the city of London

Under Crown Allegiance also are all  the Liveries  and they are not mere ceremonial, but structures of power and influence. The Queen is grand patroness of freemasonry and of course the Liveries are full of freemasonry too.

The Crown Agents

Formed in 1833 to supply banking and stores to the colonies including arms supplies. Now involved with moving covert arms shipments into Africa. managed the personal wealth of the Sultan of Brunei, who has funded many operations for Prince Philip, Prince charles and george Bush. See "The Biggest Secret" by avid Icke.

Private Armies

The Corps of Commissonaires and Defense Systems Limited

Formed in 1859 under royal sponsorship, branches in: Australia, South and East Africa, New Zealand, Canada, Papua New Guinea. Umbrella organisation for hired killers

Sandline International

Defense Systems Ltd (DSL)

Control Risks

According to Stephen Dorril, the most important of the private secret services run by the Privy Council

Armour Holdings

Transparency International

(Member of Crown Agents Foundation) . Used to destabilise Governments under the guise of exposing corruption.

Mysterious organisation which may be the British equivalent of FEMA


Designed to take over public services in times of emergency. Both John Mitchell the chairman of the shipping company Cunard and Colonel David Stirling, founder of the SAS and leader of GB75 tell of being approached in 1975 to take part in a Coup to involve the Army and use force. This is discussed in "Who Killed Diana" by Peter Hounam and Derek McAdams.

Nature Conservation uder the Windsors !

World Wide Fund for Nature

Founded by the Duke of Edinburgh and Prince Bernhardt of the Netherlands. Used by the Black Nobility and Crown as a front for covert operations in Africa.

"Official figures show that between July 1984 and September 1991 145 "poachers" were killed, most of them from a helicopter funded by WWF and manned by WWF contract employees. But when you look at the figures more closely, you find that the overwhelming majority of those killed were unarmed."

"In operation Lock, the WWF deployed an elite sqaud of SAS men to 'neutralise' the cartels smuggling wildlife and wildlife 'products'. It turned out that these SAS guys had started to deal themselves in the illegal sale of ivory and rhino horn. People on the ground in Africa have long known that the main killers of wildlife in the parks are those, often employed by the WWF, who are supposed to be protecting them."

From David Icke "The Biggest Secret"

See also : "The Oligarchs' Real Game is Killing Animals and Killing People." by Allen Douglas.

The Club of the Isles

Banking business and intelligence City Group owned by the Windsors and Black Nobility Cartel.

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