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If there is one author that helped transform the entire science fiction genre, then Philip K. Dick would definitely be it. Throughout his career, he published no less than 44 novels and just over 100 short stories. In the era of adaptation, one would hardly be surprised to find that 12 of his books have been made into film, further cementing the scope of his influence on popular culture.

A recurring theme in most of his works is the question of authenticity. He has repeatedly asked the question of what is real and what is an illusion. His work contains his musings on the future of technology and society. These lead his characters to situations where they see that the blurring of the wall that separates these two worlds.

He has certainly not shied away from asking the deep philosophical questions. At the same time, he challenges his readers to make their own judgments. Throughout his work, one can see how he ponders the meaning of humanity, identity, and justice. That is mighty impressive especially coming from a genre that was once belittled and dismissed as infantile.

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